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Painting drywall and painting wood are very various in the sense that drywall takes on paint more equally, so when you paint your cabinets, you need to change your state of mind about how you paint. Frequently the paint will construct up in corners of cabinets or will roll off the edges creating develop on the back of the cabinet.

Nothing is more boring than enjoying paint dry and although you do not need to view it entirely treat, you do need to make certain it is treated before giving it a second or third coat. There is no wonderful formula for drying time, however stick to a minimum of 2-3 hours between coats - should i paint my kitchen cabinets.

Now that you understand which cabinet painting mistakes to prevent, let us know how your task ended up! Happy painting!.

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LONG story short, yes. However, we're not buddies because you enjoy my narratives When we purchased our house 4 years earlier, I knew that the maple cabinets wouldn't be staying for long. They were in great condition, however simply weren't ma' jam. And yes, they were wood, which was lover-ly and all, but they weren't MY type of wood.

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And while you can't actually see the MAGNIFICENCE of them in this photo, let me tell you that they were great from far, however FAR FROM EXCELLENT! This implied that eliminating them (which was occurring stat) would leave 4 holes in each drawer front, so regardless, I had some grunt work ahead of me either staining or painting (painting unfinished cabinets).

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And once they were slathered in 3 marvelous coats of primer and paint they still WOULD be wood they just would not be so darned fugly. We worked with a professional painter to do the job for us (Delea of Details Painting) so that we could have everything correctly prepped and sprayed.

Oak has grain, so it's more forgiving for brush marks, roller lines, errant hairs jazz like that (due to the fact that a lot of homeowners do not spray). Maple is so damn smooth, there is actually NO space for error as you will see everything, it's like white spandex. MAPLE CABINETS MUST BE SPRAYED BY An EXPERT.

So, let's go on a little image journey together (who's bringing the red wine?). Once again, the cooking area beforeI have no words And here it is after Delea worked her magic (I might have done a couple of things too) See the original prior to and afters here See how beautiful it looked back then? Well, think what Yes, there's the odd tiny chip (not many though) and some really small wear, but in all, I'm SUPER pleased with how all of it looks 2 years later.

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In between bashing the vacuum head into it and entering and out of the different drawers and cabinets (these are high use cabinets) you 'd think they 'd have taken a whipping and they have. However, there is LITERALLY onelittlespot. Yes, they will. However this can be stated of ANY painted wood or MDF.

Had I done this myself, I can guarantee they would not be looking like this. I 'd be seeing roller and brush marks everytime light hit them. I 'd be seeing bleed-thru where I didn't clean the wood well sufficient prior to painting - painted cabinets before and after. I 'd be seeing breaking, lots of it since undoubtedly, I would not have sanded and primed things all right to last the long-term.

It's an investment in the aesthetics of your house and ought to be done to LAST you get what you pay for (so I extremely advise paying for it)! Check out more: 4 Ways to Update Wood Cabinets Here's the cupboard holding our plates and bowls. On the inside edge of the doors, a little bit of wear, but really, barely anything relative to how much these doors are opened and closed. best paint sprayer for kitchen cabinets.

And EVEN THEN, quite damn good. A few chips above the knobs, but in all Amazing. painted cabinets before and after. Why? Because I had a professional do it. Our home is an investment and it is METHOD too great to do things half-ass way. You can see where the door frame fulfills the panel insert (above).

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This is regular. I've heard of painters putting caulking there, so that when things move, the paint doesn't, however PERSONALLY, caulking isn't a tight enough task for me it would be DIFFICULT to not get huge goobers in the corner and nappy edges, specifically not on maple where EVERY defect can possibly be exposed on its smoooooth surface.

And 1 year later it is REALLY perfect (lowes cabinet paint). See the initial before and afters here I have actually seen manufactured cabinets NOT hold up as well as these. I have actually seen new painted maple/MDF cabinets hold up SIMPLY as well. I have actually seen WOOD cabinets look more worn as doors begin to dry out and the stain rubs off (albeit after 3-4 years).

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